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What factors does the quality of paper cups depend on? What factors does the quality of paper cups depend on?

What factors does the quality of paper cups depend on?

What factors does the quality of paper cups depend on?
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What factors does the quality of paper cups depend on?

How can we distinguish the quality of paper cups?


When we are not familiar with the production and printing of paper cups, we should not casually choose a manufacturer to cooperate because of its low price. Without investigating the manufacturers which we only focus on their cheap price, we will suffer heavy losses. Of course, there are many similar problems, so we must carefully investigate and compare when making choice, and should cooperate with merchants with guaranteed quality, so that we can get a win-win business!


J9九游会AG 可以参考以下几点辨别纸杯(bei)的质量:

We can refer to the following points to identify the quality of the paper cups:

Peculiar smell: As some unscrupulous vendors catch that some consumers desire to get things on the cheap, they use industrial paraffin and waste plastics to replace high-quality materials, in order to reduce costs. If we buy such products because we are greedy for low price, it will bring greater loss to our sales and reputation.


Easily deformed: The paper cup is easily deformed and become hot when using, that means the raw materials is poor. The choice of paper quality will affect the manufacture and production of paper cups, and ultimately directly affect the sales and our own reputation. 


Easy to leak: if the paper cup is easily to leak, that means recycled waste paper or over-wet paper may be used. These unqualified materials will cause serious quality problems like seepage.


The whiter is not the better: The paper cup that often looks quite white may have been added with excessive amounts of fluorescent agents.


Observe the packaging: When purchasing paper cups, you must carefully identify the labels on the packaging. The product packaging should show the name, address of the manufacturer, the executive standard of the product, production date, expiration date, etc. The "QS" logo is the food market access mark (the production license mark), not the certification mark.

Check the appearance: The shape of the paper cups should be stiff and not deformed.