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The process and material requirements for making disposable paper cups The process and material requirements for making disposable paper cups

The process and material requirements for making disposable paper cups

The process and material requirements for making disposable paper cups
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The process and material requirements for making disposable paper cups

The process and material requirements of disposable paper cup are as follows:

The heat sealing performance and printing adaptability of disposable paper cup processing require ink, solvent, dryness and so on to adapt to the paper cups. Here to remind you that the quality of paper cup is depended on the combination of printing process, paper quality and printing ink.


Usually during the paper cup printing with good adhesion flexo water-based ink, so that the light resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance are relatively improved and the phenomena of discoloration, fading and color shedding are reduced. In addition, the composition of the ink must conform the food hygiene law and the corresponding food packaging hygiene standards.


 When printing disposable paper cups, in order to avoid making paper cups curl, the solvent for printing ink should not be PE film or contain water plate. The amount of residual solvent after paper cup printing should be less to prevent friction of the printed matter. If the solvent is coated to the sealing area, it will also cause loose sealing, poor adhesion, and even curling.


After finishing the paper cups printing, the drying temperature should not be too high. When the temperature is too high, the peroxidation reaction will occur on the surface of the base film, resulting in poor heat sealing. If the relative humidity in the workshop is too high, it will also cause the curl of disposable paper cups. The printed roll film will adhere between the upper and lower layers in the excessively high temperature environment, which will affect the subsequent processing and molding of disposable paper cups.

Printing and manufacturing material of paper cups:

According to relevant regulations, manufacturer can not add fluorescent agents into paper cups. Disposable paper cups include cold drink cups and hot drink cups, once misused, it will affect our health. The raw material of the film coated waterproof layer in the disposable paper cup is polyethylene. The inferior paper cup use recycled polyethylene, which will produce many harmful substances to our body in the process of manufacturing. The inner side of the paper cup is coated with a layer of polyethylene film to achieve the purpose of waterproof.   


The surface of cold drink paper cup needs to be dipped in wax to achieve waterproof effect. When the water temperature exceeds 62 ℃, the stability of the wax will decrease and the paper cups will be soft. Some substances that may cause cancer will be ingested with water by human. The surface of the hot drink cup is coated with a special approved  polyethylene film, which is heat resistant and not toxic.


In addition, there are also specified standards for the thickness and permeability of disposable paper cups. The bottom and sides of the water cup should not be permeable, and the paper should not be too soft.