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How to distinguish the quality of the paper cups? How to distinguish the quality of the paper cups?

How to distinguish the quality of the paper cups?

How to distinguish the quality of the paper cups?
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How to distinguish the quality of the paper cups?

Paper cups have many features like lightweight, pretty look and convenient to use, and attract a lot of businesses and consumers. Nowadays, there are many kinds of disposable paper cups, such as cold drink cups, hot drink cups, advertising cups, etc. The variety of cups is dazzling. At this time, do you know how to judge the quality of disposable paper cups? There are some tips will teach you how to choose high-quality disposable paper cups. Generally, We can identify the paper cups through observing the appearance, while good disposable paper cups are usually tested as follows:



Function test: whether the paper cups can hold liquids, such as water, beverage and coffee.


Performance test: whether the paper is thick enough and not easily deformed.


Pressure test: whether the paper cups full of liquid will easily break.


Resilience test: whether the paper cups can be restored to what it was before, after filling the liquid and pouring them out.


Strength test: whether the liquid will soften or damage the paper cup after a period of time.


Appearance test: whether the shape of paper cup is beautiful and the pattern is also.


Usability test: whether we feel comfortable when using the paper cups. It will stick our lips or not.



Safety test: whether water leaks from the bottom or sides when filled with water.