Distraction of the Day – Friday, January 18th

Your week is filled with e-mails stacked on top of e-mails and so many phone calls that you want to smash your phone with a hammer.  Maybe you work under unexpected deadlines with projects that are dropped on your desk at the end of the day.  Maybe you spend your day dealing with other people’s drama, demands, or incompetence.

You spend all day working hard at something only to come home and have to work hard at something else.  There isn’t much left in you.  One episode of Breaking Bad or Mad Men turns into three, and when you look at the clock, you realize the entire evening has passed.  It is now time to go to bed, wake up, and do the same damn thing all over again.

And then it’s the weekend, and you’re sitting on your couch feeling as if your brain has been fried.  You have rituals for dealing with this feeling: take-out, pajamas, movies, loud bars and booze, staying out too late and waking up too late the next morning.

It takes the smallest of steps to remind yourself why you do it, how soothing it feels to make time for the creative process.  Watching episodes of Downton Abbey is relaxing but so is writing the story that has been stuck in your head for far too long.


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  1. Gentoku says:

    Love this post! Made me laugh out loud again in public. Now people think I’m crazy thanks!!!!

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