Writing Without Pants – Deadline #1 update

Last week I met Deadline #1 like a champion and finished Chapter One and Sub Chapter One in the evening on the day of the deadline.  No books were lost during the making of these chapters.

I took a day off and on Sunday, I dove into Chapter Two.  All week I have been editing and re-writing large portions of the chapter.  Even though I’m not as far as I’d like, I’ve made good progress.

My biggest challenge this week was the curse of bringing work home with me.  And I don’t mean performing job tasks at home.  I mean feeling the pressures of work, while I’m at home.

These are not healthy thought patterns.  The home is a sacred place, and you cannot rest and regenerate in your sacred place while obsessively thinking of these things.

The last few weeks have been demanding as far as my day job is concerned, and this week was no different.  When I went home in the evenings my mind felt like lead, weighed down by the events of the day.

I’ve spent the last few years honing my skills at not bringing work home.  Sometimes I stand on my porch and before I unlock the door, I tell myself that I’m leaving my thoughts right here and that they aren’t coming inside with me.

This week, that was a little easier said than done.  These thoughts threatened to distract me, but I rallied and pulled through.

We have to be stronger than these thoughts.  We have to tell them, firmly, that now is not their time.  This moment is not their moment.


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  1. Well, I’ll have to think about this post. That is if I can get past the no pants thing. All joy. HF

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