E-reader’s Are a Writer’s Best Friend

This week on Slate Tammy Oler wrote about Hugh Howey, the author of WoolWool began as a short story sold as an e-book on Amazon.  It was so well received that readers on Amazon asked Howey to continue the story.  Howey went on to release Wool as a serial novel and it has since gained a remarkable following.

Time was this was not possible for writers. Being a writer – of any genre – involved systematic rejection.  Submitting your work for publication felt like running a cheese grater over your soul.  After 5,492 rejections, maybe, just maybe, you established yourself as a writer.

Now an unknown writer can go on Amazon, Lulu, or Blurb to publish their book.  Rather than submit their work to umpteen publications and wait four months to be rejected, a writer can peddle his short story in electronic format for 99 cents, and a reader can purchase it.  Rather than submit their novel to an agent who reads hundreds of manuscripts, a writer can publish an e-book and sell it directly on their blog.

E-readers give readers these choices.  For a few dollars I can purchase an e-book written by someone who is unknown to me.

I can’t say that e-readers by themselves have opened up these opportunities.  There are too many factors to make such a broad statement.  However, it has given readers and writers choices.

If you have experience in self-publishing or any thoughts on the subject, I’d love to hear what you think.  Feel free to share your comments below.


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  1. My day job entails content creation for educational eBooks and I love what can be done electronically. Paper or electronic … it’s simply a medium for the imagination. I am only now starting to discover eBooks, as my cellphone and connectivity previously didn’t make it an option. Loving it.

    1. wordsavant says:

      Great comment, Lalien. I like the perception of it as another medium. I hope the future of books has a place for e-books and physical books alike. They both of have something to offer.

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