On January 1st I’ll be starting a 365-day writing challenge.  I’m writing every day throughout 2014 and posting my status to #writingstreak on Facebook and Twitter.

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of planning to meet my goals.  For 2014 those consist of publishing my book and growing this blog, and I realized I can’t do either of those things without writing every day.

So here I go, walking across the coals, jumping out of the airplane, standing in front of a microphone – In 2014, I will write every day.

But there’s no reason I should do this alone.  Here are 10 Solid Reasons to do this challenge with me.

1. Practice.  No writer can get by on talent alone.  Even the best of us have to practice every day.

2. Overcome your fears.   Fear of rejection, failure, humiliation, despair, futility, and countless others – all of these will feel like nothing when you face them every single morning.

3. Make mistakes.  Recklessly, endlessly, and without shame.  It’s the best way to learn.  Don’t worry, nobody’s looking.

4. Reach a goal.  Whatever your writing goals are for 2014, writing every day can only further those goals.

5. Create a habit.  Write out of habit, and you will do it naturally.  If you only write when you feel like it, then you’ll never improve.  You have to show up every day.

6. Find new ideas.  Write for it’s own sake, and you’ll discover new ideas you didn’t know you had in you.

7. Find your voice.  Still searching for your voice?  How will you find it if you don’t go looking for it?

8. Smash enemy #1: the Inner Critic.  You’ll worry less about what people will think of your work.  You’ll build more confidence, become less judgmental, and weaken your Inner Critic’s power over you.

9. Smash enemy #2, Resistance.  Like the waste from the chemical plant up river, Resistance is a nasty, cancerous byproduct of the Inner Critic.  Writing every day is the perfect antidote.

10. See what you are made of.  On December 31, 2014 you’ll look back on the year and think, “Holy s**tballs, I wrote for 365 days straight!”  If you can do that, then nothing is impossible.

Tomorrow I’ll post the guidelines, and I promise they’ll be simple.  We’re not trying to be Leo freaking Tolstoy or anything.  The purpose is to create good habits and become better at what we do.

So, sleep on it.  Think about what your life will be like at the end of 2014 if you write every single day.

Better yet, post your own solid reason in the comment section below.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow. I’m really liking this idea. Every day, huh? OK, I’ll sleep on it, but I think you had me at the picture. 😉

  2. vevacha says:

    Sounds like a fantastic idea – I haven’t made any official new year’s resolutions yet so this showed up in my dash just in time!

  3. My solid reason – writing = money. Not the most romantic notion, but there you have it.

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