This Thanksgiving, Stuff Yourself With Free SF/F Novels

This week, Ninja Writers is hosting a killer SF/F ebook giveaway. If you’re a fan of these genres, this is not something you want to miss! I probably don’t need to convince you of downloading free science fiction & fantasy books, but just in case, here are 3 compelling reasons to take part in this giveaway:

1. Gorge yourself on science fiction & fantasy novels
2. Discover new & amazing authors
3. Duck away from the craziness of the holiday season and escape with a good book, or several

I’d like to introduce you to one of the authors you can find in this giveaway. Brandon Barr is a science fiction & fantasy author. His Song of the Worlds saga can be found on Amazon, and the prequel, Ella Dethroned, is part of a killer SF/F giveaway that Ninja Writers is hosting this week.

1. Tell us what inspires you?

Many things inspire me. Of course, reading great books by authors like Orson Scott Card, Anne McAffrey, Lars Walker, Ray Bradbury, and many other wonderful writers fuels my own writing. I love reading books that combine depth and emotion with a gripping story. I’m often inspired by reading philosophy and theology. I find it enriches the psychological depth of my characters and the world. I’m fortunate to go to a church where the teaching isn’t shallow but meaty. It’s all of these inspirational avenues that help me focus on the human condition of pain and suffering mixed with joy and pleasure. It is an excellent recipe for VERY good fiction.

2. What makes your protagonist different from the industry standard or genre standard?

I love to write intimate characters and bring the reader into the heads of my protagonists and villains. I’m keen on authentic dialogue. Even though I write sci-fi and fantasy, I think my characters’ actions and words ring true to the reality of our world. That’s what makes a good thriller or mystery novel so gripping: the believability of the storyline, plot twists, and the dialogue. I try to write my sci-fi and fantasy in a way that the characters and the dilemmas connect to our own world in shocking and surprising ways, but also in the philosophical and spiritual worlds.

3. Tell us about your book(s).

I’ve written four books in the Song of the Worlds saga. This is Epic Science-Fantasy in the vein of Frank Herbert’s Dune series and Anne McAffrey’s Pern novels.

Here’s a snippet from the blurb:
On the world of Hearth, Nightmares crawl out of the East to devour entire villages. A fire-blooded heiress named Meluscia seeks to destroy the threat plaguing her lands and become Luminess of the Blue Mountain Realm. Though she desires the throne, her heart is divided. Forbidden intimacy tempts her at every corner. Can she save her kingdom, or will all of Hearth be brought to its knees at the feet of a primordial Beast?

The series is as follows:
Ella Dethroned – prequel origin story
Her Dangerous Visions
The Bridge Beyond Her World
Her Father’s Fugitive Throne

You can find all my books on my Amazon author page.

4. Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

The great thing about the books in the Song of the Worlds saga is that the universe is so expansive and intricate that I can write in it for the rest of my life if I wanted to. In many ways, its similar to the Star Wars universe, only instead of Jedi, you have the god-gifted with dozens of powerful abilities to fight against the ancient creatures known as “the beasts”. In the middle of the two is a united front of humans who distrust both the gods and the beasts.

I love the complexity of the world, but its not the focus. The focus is on the action and drama, and the characters caught up in epic battle.

5. If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Don’t get an agent! Don’t try to write for the traditional publishers. I wasted a lot of good years writing for traditional publishing. I wish I would have discovered self-publishing sooner. It’s so much fun doing all the creative work and being in control. My traditional publishers price their ebooks at $9.99, but I get to price my books at a much more reasonable price. It’s a win-win for everyone that way.

Brandon Barr is an American author living in Southern California. He writes in the genres of science fiction and fantasy and often combines the two, preferring stories where the science is soft, the fantastic is vivid, and the flesh and soul characters are front and center.

The Song of the Worlds saga is his breakout, genre-blending science-fantasy drama set in a vast fantasy universe where elements of science fiction are dominated by gods and monsters, visions and gifts. For updates on new releases, promos, freebies and giveaways, subscribe to his mailing list and connect with him at

Don’t miss this giveaway! Check out more titles here.

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