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Writing is brutal.

I’ve always been creative, especially when it comes to writing. I love writing about my life-long journey with the craft and sharing it with the readers on this blog.

After many years of college courses in English, writing workshops, critiquing, being critiqued, and lots of introverted reading time, I’ve learned that it takes determination and grit to be a badass at writing.

I’ve learned about the craft both the easy way and the hard way. And even after all these years, the journey doesn’t stop. Every day in my professional, creative, and personal writing, I’m always learning something new.

Writers are more than the old, dead white guy you read in your English class or the sophisticated author that wrote the hot best-seller everyone is reading. Many people are writers cloaked as something else, and they don’t even realize their potential. defines a writer as “a person who commits his or her thoughts, ideas, etc. to writing.” If this is something you do, then you’re a writer.

You don’t have to be a crotchety, reclusive alcoholic to be a great writer. You just have to write.

Subscribe today, and write happy.

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